Proactive Strategy Development

Putting you in Control of your ESI. Working with law firms and corporations nationwide to help minimize the risk associated with ESI that is subject to litigation and regulatory investigations.

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For the most part, organizations, large and small, struggle with managing Electronically Stored Information (ESI). Therefore, as data volumes continue to grow, obviously, having a strategy to manage the risk associated with ESI is important. With this in mind, at iControl ESI, our advisors want to put you in control of your data. As a result, we use our decades of experience in providing advice to law firms. In addition to corporations around the world to do exactly that.

Additionally, the ICAS holistic approach to ESI management is ultimately determined to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of internal policies, workflows, processes, and procedures. Moreover, our expert advisors provide guidance in the implementation of best practices. In effect, this ensures that your organizational processes are defensible, standardized, and ultimately repeatable.

Information Governance & Litigation Readiness

  • Proactive eDiscovery Gap Assessment and Reactive ESI Management
  • As-Is Assessment & Optimization Plan development
  • Data Mapping
  • Motions Practice
  • Rule 26 Conference Preparation
  • Expert support
  • Discovery Coordination
  • eDiscovery Standard Specification Consulting
  • Discovery Strategic Consulting and Assessment
  • Reactive Backup Tape Restoration, Structured Data, and Analysis Plans
  • Litigation Hold and associated Data Retention Policy and Planning

eDiscovery Specific Advisory

  • Data Analytics, Predictive Coding, and TAR workflows
  • Early Case Assessment and Data Reduction
  • Consulting and Pre-Project Development Services
  • Custom processing or production and associated workflow development
  • Collection and Acquisition consultation services using forensically sound processes
  • Design appropriate procedures for accurately processing, searching and culling data in preparation for review or production
  • Construct methodologies for systematically extracting data from difficult repositories such as structured data.

Advisory Leadership Team

Mark Walker, Vice President, Advisory Services

Mark Walker is a seasoned eDiscovery and trial services professional with a proven track record of success. Generally speaking, managing people, projects, and processes across the EDRM are Mark’s strengths. Consequently, Mark has been on the forefront of some of the largest and most complex technology projects anywhere. In addition to authoring books on eDiscovery and litigation support over the years. For instance, Mark has put his expertise to use in litigation involving many corporations. Including Halliburton, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), CVS, Hospital Corporation of America, Intel, Dow Chemical, Miller Beer, SAP, AMD, Raytheon, Georgia Pacific, Exxon, Phillip Morris, Bristol Myers, and Xerox, to name a few.

As a result, Mark is a sought-after speaker and lecturer ultimately on electronically stored information and is an industry expert on processes and technology to cull data sets.

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